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ASSET is a leading NGO working in area of Science, Engineering and Technology.  ASSET has the broad objectives of providing opportunities to motivated scientists and field level workers to take up action oriented and location specific projects aiming towards socio-economic upliftment of poor and disadvantaged sections of the society through appropriate science and technology interventions especially in the rural areas. In addition to this ASSET believe that talents should be given right opportunity and should be nurtured well in early part of their life. We outreach school and colleges to run projects to create interest in area of science engineering and technology.





Secretary's Desk:

MK Meshram




Dear Patrons , Academic Society of Science Engineering & Technology , was created with a vision to create a world where science, engineering and technology has been instrumental in people live in dignity, harmony and security. Our thrust area of operation is education,health,environment ,skill development and poverty elimination. The society is started by emminent academicians , industry practitioner and scientists in the area of science ,engineering and technology.We hope we will be able to bring positive change in society through our flagship projects and programs. We invite youth to participate in our program to make the change happen ,becuase it is you who will make the future of the India.

Asset is organizing one day training program on LATEX.For more details

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Asset's work got mentions in various local and national media. For more details Click Here